Community Groups

Community Groups at Six:Eight ...

  • have open doors
  • are places of growth
  • are places to do Kingdom, through their community partnerships

At Six:Eight, we like to say that our community groups are the heart of our ministry. They are smaller versions of our expression of church and where we grow, experience deeper fellowship, and live out Six:Eight's mission to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus by partnering with local organizations and supporting them in their work in our community. They are basically where we 'do church' together.  

As a reflection of the larger church family, community groups at Six:Eight are not based on age or life stage, but are open to anyone, at any point throughout the year, and all groups are co-ed. Groups meet weekly in area homes, and prayer, studying the bible, fellowship and community partnerships are regular parts of group life. All groups will follow along with the Sunday sermon series for the study portion of their time together, discussing the sermon passages and various questions to help us explore how to apply God's Word in our daily lives.

Childcare (paid for by the church) is available at all community group meetings, and if you have little ones, we encourage you to talk with the various community group leaders about what childcare arrangements look like for their groups.

Groups run from September through August, and we have three groups in the current community group year - leader contact information, locations, and community partner information is listed below. Please feel free to contact any of the leaders for location details and check out as many of the groups as you would like based on which days work best for you for group meetings and kingdom opportunities. Jump in anytime throughout the year and do not hesitate to get in touch with our community group coordinator at with any additional questions.


Kathleen Labedz

Sunday - Kathleen

Kathleen Labedz
Guynes Family

Tuesday - Guynes

Jason & Kim Guynes
Dustin and Julie

Wednesday - Dustin / Julie

Dustin Friesen & Julie Cowen
Bryn Mawr