A healthy church runs on healthy systems. Six:Eight's systems are listed below. These systems govern the life of our church community from necessary logistics to cross-cultural missions. They do not exist in a vacuum - one affects the whole, and each is affected by the others. All have a system leader and are described below. System leaders make up what we call our Vision Family - for names and contact information, visit the People page.


Impressions concerns your first ‘impression’ on a Sunday morning, one of our front porch ministries. In other words, it is one of the first things people experience about Six:Eight. It deals with greeters, hospitality, set up & breakdown, etc. It exists to welcome people & enhance worship, funneling people into all church systems; helping them find their place, experience Jesus, and get connected in their own time.

Community Groups

Community Groups are smaller, more intimate versions of the larger church community. They are where we experience spiritual transformation through study, prayer and care. They take us deeper with each other, Jesus and our neighbors. They are places of growth, have open doors, and are places to do Kingdom work in our local community through our community partnerships (see Kingdom Opportunities for more information).

Visit our Community Groups page for a list of our current groups, leaders contact information and community partners.

Kingdom Opportunities

This system exists to provide for all aspects of systems to be practiced in the local community through our community groups - it’s how we get outside ourselves. This is effectively the hands, feet & voice of Jesus in the Ardmore/Havertown/Wynnewood communities. It’s our bridge & connection point to others; it’s where we earn our credibility, respect & build relationship with our neighbors.


Prayer is essential, we want to be a ‘house of prayer for all nations’ (Isaiah 56:7b). A strong prayer ministry, active & growing, is being developed at Six:Eight. It exists to discern the Spirit’s voice & for overall church system health. As well as, to develop well trained mature people available to lead others through healing prayer & break the bonds of past, negative influences in our lives. It exists to seek direction & hear the voice of the Spirit, both corporately & individually.

Weekly Prayer Opportunity: Every Sunday morning at 9am (at the church), we gather to pray for the upcoming service and our church.  For more information about our prayer system, upcoming trainings, joining the prayer team or to schedule a time of soaking prayer, e-mail

Worship Arts

Our Worship Arts system includes our worship team, preaching, communion, announcements, communication overall and all other related elements of our Sunday worship service.  It exists to provide a strong worship experience, teaching, spiritual challenge, clear communication, and to help guide and direct people to all other church systems.

As Six:Eight Worship, the worship team desires to faithfully magnify the beauty, majesty and holiness of God in Jesus Christ. The team's mission is to, by example, faithfully encourage the believe and unbeliever to know, love and surrender to Jesus Christ more.  Visit our Worship page to listen to new songs throughout the week and to learn more about the heart of this system of our church and about ways to get involved if you are a musician or a vocalist.

Church Planting & Missions

Church Planting & Missions is another vital system at Six:Eight. This is where we look to the future and think, “Where does God want us to go next in the world?”, applied both regionally and globally. The Church Planting & Missions system exists to provide a global framework for all of our systems, reminding us that although we have a strong local vision, our work does not stop there. God is about all nations (people groups), and we want to follow wherever he may lead us in the world.

To learn more about the individuals that Six:Eight currently supports and the initiatives that our church is a part of, visit the information table at Six:Eight on Sunday mornings. We also have several resources available there to learn more about global missions and how we can engage both as a church and as individuals. One simple, helpful resource for daily personal quiet times is Joshua Project's Unreached of the Day prayer tool, which is available via their website, via e-mail or through a free app and can help us grow in our understanding of God's heart for all people groups. 


When it comes to our Kids System, this is not a separate ‘babysitting service’. Our kids are vital to the kingdom and need to be included and discipled like the rest of us. This system exists to integrate kids into all areas of church life, reminding them that they are Six:Eighters, valid to the kingdom and to Jesus. They have influence, and we seek to include them in the collective vision of the church. We have Nursery, Toddler, Pre-K and Elementary classes on Sunday mornings during our service.


Stewardship exists to sustain all systems. We don’t want money ever be a limiting factor in ministry. As members of Christ’s Body, we’re unashamed that all that we are, have & own, are His. Therefore, if we say we are maturing committed believers, then giving should be a joyous experience expressing our sense of honor to give all that we can to see His kingdom grow. We’re firm believers that our giving (referred to as a tithe) should go to the local church in which we involve ourselves. So, give generously, give joyously since we have kingdom work to do here!

Visit our Giving page for additional resources and to give online as well as for more information on how to give by check or cash at Six:Eight on Sunday mornings.