Church Planting & Missions

Church Planting & Missions is another vital system at Six:Eight. This is where we look to the future and think, “Where does God want us to go next in the world?”, applied both regionally and globally. The Church Planting & Missions system exists to provide a global framework for all of our systems, reminding us that although we have a strong local vision, our work does not stop there. God is about all nations (people groups), and we want to follow wherever he may lead us in the world.

To learn more about the individuals that Six:Eight currently supports and the initiatives that our church is a part of, visit the information table at Six:Eight on Sunday mornings. We also have several resources available there to learn more about global missions and how we can engage both as a church and as individuals. One simple, helpful resource for daily personal quiet times is Joshua Project's Unreached of the Day prayer tool, which is available via their website, via e-mail or through a free app and can help us grow in our understanding of God's heart for all people groups.