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Community Sunday 2015 Recap

If you were unable to join us on Palm Sunday this year, you missed something great. We combined Palm Sunday with our bi-yearly Community Sunday, and the house was full of representatives from our community partners and other local leaders. Those of us who plan these things are a bit like a quiet teenager going to the high school dance, insecure and unsure if anyone will ask us out on the floor! Will anyone show up? We’ve spent money, and worked hard! What if it's a wash? These, and many other questions, ran through our brains.
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Becoming a House of Prayer

Our Vision Family heard from the area director, Bruce Latshaw & his wife Lynne yesterday.  Together they pastor the Barn Vineyard in Landenberg, PA. We discussed how Six:Eight needs to become a House of Prayer. We want to avoid having a form of godliness devoid of power (2 Timothy 3:5). Rather, we want to be a people who devote ourselves to the ministry of the Word & Prayer (Acts 6:4). 


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Moments of Impact

Our blog series, “Moments of Impact” keeps moving along as we continue our personal vignettes. Here is a moment of impact from Rob Granholm’s life. He writes:

“What immediately came to mind was an experience I had during one of my knee surgeries…

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Moments of Impact

Welcome to our summer blog series called “Moments of Impact.” I’m excited to share a few short stories from men and women in our crowd about literal moments that have made a lasting impression on their life as they walk with God.

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Leo Tolstoy's "How Much Land Does a Man Need?"

How Much Land Does a Man Need?

Leo Tolstoy, 1886

There once was a peasant named Pahom who worked hard and honestly for his family, but who had no land of his own, so he always remained as poor as the next man. "Busy as we are from childhood tilling mother earth," he often thought, "we peasants will always die as we are living, with nothing of our own. If only we had our own land, it would be different."

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A Story of Giving with Amelia Llobrera

We are a few weeks away from wrapping up our series 40 Days of Generosity. The past two weeks we’ve talked about tithing and giving to church. Instead of a wordy blog post this week, we have a video for you! The Llobrera family has a great story of how they’ve practiced and taught tithing in their house. Mark and sweet little Amelia are here today to tell us a story of a time that Amelia learned about tithing. So check out their story and be encouraged that your fellow church members are living this out right alongside you.

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Do You Know a Generous God?

It’s an intimate question, isn’t it? One that you’d probably like to respond to with a hearty ‘YES!’ but also one where you probably immediately think of all those areas where you feel like God has come up short in the ‘generosity’ department.

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A Self-Examination of Generosity

We are kicking off a new sermon series for this Lenten 2014 season about Generosity. As we approach this topic of generosity, we realize it may carry with it some preconceived notions or baggage for some of us. (Uggggh! I have to give away my money and my time and my stuff!?!!?!?) Let us take a moment this week to pursue some self-examination about this topic in our own selves. This activity will help you approach our series with some mindfulness and openness to trying new ways of being generous. We will also become aware of areas in us that may bristle at the notion of being generous.

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When We is Hard for Me: Marriage Conference coming Saturday Feb 22nd!

One Day Marriage Conference with Bruce & Lynn Latshaw

"When We is Hard for Me"

February 22nd - 9am to 4:30pm
$25/individual - $50/couple - Childcare included
241 East Lancaster Ave., Wynnewood, PA 19096

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Video Blog: Self-Feeders

As we finish up our Overflow sermon series, Pastor Jason has a good word for us about what it takes for us to continue on in the life of being filled to overflowing.

Are you ready and willing to be a "self-feeder" of God's Word? Watch and listen below to find out what its all about!

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