Becoming a House of Prayer

Our Vision Family heard from the area director, Bruce Latshaw & his wife Lynne yesterday.  Together they pastor the Barn Vineyard in Landenberg, PA. We discussed how Six:Eight needs to become a House of Prayer. We want to avoid having a form of godliness devoid of power (2 Timothy 3:5). Rather, we want to be a people who devote ourselves to the ministry of the Word & Prayer (Acts 6:4). 


A House of Prayer is home to many members; a family. The raw construction material for the foundation, walls & roof of our home is prayer. A house without proper walls & roof leaves its inhabitants exposed to the elements & intruders who would seek to harm; spiritual attack is real. Six:Eight would like to build a strong foundation, walls & roof for our home to make it safe & secure for fruitful ministry in the coming years.


Prayer is the fuel of ministry. If we only put a small amount of fuel into the engine it runs only for a moment. What we find is there is initial excitement for ministry, but the enthusiasm sputters out quickly. There are great ideas & opportunities at times, but with little passion for follow through, or fruit as a result. Six:Eight would like to connect ourselves to an unlimited amount of fuel for our ministry engine.


Six:Eight is moving deeper into this journey of prayer. Avoiding the temptation to make prayer a ‘side ministry’ for only a few in the church. Prayer is the one place we can ‘all play’. It’s not just for the super-spiritual, staff, or leadership - it is something all do. 


In this effort, Six:Eight will be developing a plan to implement across the board which will seek to saturate every system which governs our church. It will encompass our leadership as each leader will be required to develop prayer support for themselves & those they oversee. It will envelop the church as a whole, as well as our local community & global initiatives we engage in. It will become the first thing done when new ideas or projects arise. Some of us will be reading Sheryl Sachs, The Prayer-Saturated Church, to better understand our future steps.


This is nothing new for us. We’ve been moving toward this since the beginning. Establishing & changing culture in a community though is like turning the Titanic, it takes time, focused effort & patience. Please join with your family now in praying to this end - that we would…12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Roms 12:12).