Moments of Impact

Our blog series, “Moments of Impact” keeps moving along as we continue our personal vignettes. Here is a moment of impact from Rob Granholm’s life. He writes:

“What immediately came to mind was an experience I had during one of my knee surgeries…

I've had several, enough that they are running joke amongst close friends I grew up with - 7 on my left knee, 1 on my right knee. During the lowest point of a major surgery on my left knee, when an infection was suspect but not confirmed, and my knee wasn't healing from a surgery involving cutting bone to realign my knee I felt completely hopeless.

I was a few days away from needing a blood transfusion ‘cause the wound wouldn't heal and kept bleeding. I had gone into the surgery so I could recover and play sports again vs. not being active the rest of my life; it wasn't supposed to be like this. It was over 10 years ago now, but I remember one night in the hospital, which I had been in for weeks now instead of days, with a pic line, which is like a permanent IV in my arm, I just sobbed out to God in prayer, that I would be healed, that I would feel okay...and then, I miraculously [at least to me] I did feel okay.

I'm reminded of my favorite verse, Isaiah 40:8, "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of God stands forever." At that moment in the hospital, like my hand in front of me, or the bed I was in, or the air I breathed - absolutely knew, God was with me, and he always will be. Everything else fades, but I can count on God.

I felt a calm wash over me, I smiled, I knew God was with me, and I would be fine no matter what. It was an immediate change in my temperament. I went to sleep, and woke up the next day happy, joking with nurses, in high spirits. I vividly remember and attribute that moment to God being with me, arm around me, comforting and strengthening me. Despite my situation, I was completely joyful, and that was all God.

What that experience leaves me with is an unshakable sense that I am not alone, and that I am loved by God, which I've called on when life gets tough. It gives me stability and confidence to this day.”

Thank you, Rob for sharing this moment with us!