Story Matters

The 3rd value of Six:eight is Story Matters. A value that is essential to all believers, to understand and live in, and out of, the story of God as he pursues his people.

We are rooted in the Scriptures, the Story of a loving God pursuing his children. It is a story in four parts, what it was like (creation), what happened (fall), what it is like now (redemption), and what it will be (restoration). The central character is Jesus who lovingly bore in himself our judgment, and guides us by his timeless teaching. This story extends through his followers in history. It encompasses and speaks to all issues of life, restoring our relationship to God, and bringing freedom & joy where there was once none.

So, what does maturity for the Christian rooted in God’s story look like? Mmmmm, well, here’s my best explanation.... The mature Christian in the issue of Story is not only knowledgeable of God’s Word, but has allowed it to influence, and guide, all aspects of their life. They see themselves as rooted in the biblical story, which is larger than themselves, beginning in creation, and ending in the hope of restoration. They are not only able to ‘quote’ or lead a person to certain ideas or verses, but more importantly, are able to apply them in ways that are refreshing and challenging to the soul. Their world view is shaped by the story of God, how they view life, and reality; it is born out of this holistic story. They do not try to impress with their knowledge, but if one listens closely to the mature Christian, they can hear that their words are bolstered with the ideas and verses of Scripture. They no longer dwell on the elementary teachings, but have moved onto deeper issues of the faith. They do not try to impress, but are just ‘being’.

Love to hear what living in the story means to you...let us know!

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