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Lent, Fasting, and Learning Our Limits

In just 2 short weeks, millions of Christians around the world – mostly those of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions, but some Protestants too – will be on the cusp of beginning their yearly 40 day pilgrimage with Jesus all the way to Jerusalem and, ultimately, to the cross. You probably know this 40 day season as Lent. It is a season of prayer and fasting in preparation for the greatest celebration of the year (no, not Christmas)…Easter.

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Loving Our Neighbors and Our Neighborhoods

In our previous blog post, we explored how the places where we live really matter to God. The who of our lives can’t be separated from the where; the people we are called to love and serve are people who live in particular places. As followers of Jesus, all of these places where we live, where we stand, are holy ground. God invites us to make true worship possible in all our places – our homes, neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and public spaces.

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Practicing Resurrection in a Park

As many of you probably know, Six:Eight has been partnering with the Friends of Linwood Park ever since the old parking lot at the corner of Linwood and Athens Ave was transformed into a beautiful neighborhood space back in 2010. We’ve loved joining the Friends at Linwood for all kinds of events, and lots of fun, over the past 2 years: planting flowers, playing games, and watching movies just to name a few.

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FREE Resources to Renew Our Spiritual Growth in 2013

The New Year has begun! Ready or not, 2012 is behind us and we are moving headlong into the future that is 2013. What will this year mean for you? At this time of year, many people feel the urge to create goals to work towards in the coming year – aka New Year’s Resolutions – which are usually dropped by the end of January. So often, we create negative goals for ourselves like “I will NOT waste time doing so-and-so” or “I will ONLY do this-and-that.” We tend to put the emphasis on what we CANNOT do instead of what we CAN do.

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The Humdrum Kingdom

Does life sometimes feel… boring? Mundane? Like you’re just plodding you’re way through it day in and day out? We go through these seasons sometimes, don’t we? Life is just so routine, so monotonous, and just uneventful. Shouldn’t life be “brand new” every day? Shouldn’t we wake up excited about all our life has in store? Isn’t it time we break out of this wearisome cycle of dull and drab and a set out on a fresh, lively adventure?

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The Fight for Purity and Freedom - a guest post by James Cordrey

As the final seconds ticked away on the game clock at the annual Army-Navy football game Saturday, the Navy players and fans were in full voice celebrating their 11th consecutive victory over Army.

I stood in the crowd with a December night growing increasingly chilly shaking my head at what could have been. I had no real rooting interest in the game, but I do have a soft spot for an underdog, and Army certainly fit that description.

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IGNITE your Spiritual Journey

The Advent season is here and Christmas is just around the corner. At this time of year, all our focus turns to the baby in the manger: Jesus - the Son of the Most High, Israel’s promised Messiah, Immanuel – God with us. As we like to say, Jesus Christ is the “reason for the season.” But there’s another divine player in the Christmas story that we tend to overlook – the Holy Spirit. Luke features the Spirit seven times in his telling of Jesus’ birth (Luke 1:15, 17, 35, 41, 67; 2:25-27).

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The Spirituality of Intimacy

Last week, we wrapped up our sermon series - “Revolution: The Transformational Teachings of Jesus.” Over the fall we’ve been talking about how topsy-turvy the teachings of Jesus seem to our modern day culture and mindsets. We’ve been challenged to give generously, love radically, and live purely. A few of our recent blog posts and sermons have included this topic of purity and what it really means to marry our spirituality with our sexuality. Quite revolutionary this idea is for our day and age, no?

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Dating Behind Closed Doors [Part Two]

In Part 1 of our discussion on living together before marriage, we said that our responsibility to represent Christ in the best possible manner is the primary reason we should avoid cohabitation. We may not be doing anything “bad” together, but we must remember that “perception is reality” and most people “perceive” that we are sleeping with the people we live with before marriage. The only way to guard against this perception is to refuse cohabitation before marriage.

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Dating Behind Closed Doors [Part One]

It seems that there is some confusion in the area of sexuality, cohabitation, and marriage in the mind of the young Christian. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be discussing these issues in depth.

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