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Healthy Systems = Healthy Churches

As we said last week, Six:Eight has eight formalized 'systems'. It has been said that a growing church is led by growing leaders. And equally true is, a healthy church is made up of healthy systems. We have eight: Stewardship, Impressions, Worship Arts, Prayer, Church Planting/Missions, Kids, Community Groups, and Kingdom Opportunities. I want to take the next few weeks to explore how these systems are growing increasingly formal and healthy in order that we can be ready for the change that God is bringing us!

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Change. It can be an emotional word, can't it? Sometimes it's exciting, and sometimes is not welcome. At times we say we like it, but when it happens we find ourselves in flux and unsettled without even knowing why. All change, even in good things, brings about stress. Here at Six:Eight we have seen a lot of change as we have grown in numbers over the past year. That change has been good, but for some, it may bring with it some unease. If we are truly about the Kingdom, then we must be willing to get on board with change; especially our increasing church size.

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Do We Need Gender-Specific Ministries?

Below is my response to an article in Relevant Magazine concerning gender based ministries. You can read the article by clicking here.

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How To Commit Locally

Check out this great article from Neue Magazine on Community! 

"It takes time to get established in any local community, and the grass may often seem greener in neighborhoods not our own. But when we commit to living locally, good things begin to take root—personal contentment, new friendships, church families, cultural renewal and an organic, homegrown kind of grace. "

How To Commit Locally

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Three Encouraging 6:8 Stories

Annual Leadership Luncheon

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The Story, Our Story

The sun will shine brighter when the darkness has passed. God has written every one of us into the creation story. There is only one story, and we are a part of it. That story began in creation and shows us how things ought to be; how we were meant to live in intimate relationship with God reflecting his loving character in creation. However, things are not how they ought to be, sin entered the world in ‘The Fall’, and since that time the world has been a story of continual darkness with only shades of what it was meant to be; gloriously reflecting God’s love in all of creation.

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Six:Eight Membership Commitment

A number of people just made the commitment of membership at Six:Eight. Below is the membership commitment they signed. We believe the local church is the hope of the world, and we want to see more and more planted across the globe. The local church is where you know others, and are being known, where you exercise your gifts in the context of others. It is where you know Christ as you interact with others deeply, getting different perspectives on Jesus. However, it is where you are known by Christ as well, as others lovingly identify places of growth in your own walk.

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6:8 @ Six:Eight Vision

Credit for some of the ideas and thoughts of this sermon should be given to Pastor & Author Gregory Boyd from his book and series, The Myth of a Christian Nation.

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Kingdom Stories

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