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New National Director for the Vineyard

We are pleased to announce that Phil Strout has been chosen by the Vineyard USA Board of Directors to be our next National Director. This choice has been overwhelmingly confirmed by the Senior Pastors of our movement with 96% saying yes to the selection of Phil as our next National Director.

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Quiet Times

At Six:Eight we are committed to continuing our spiritual formation process. Sometimes that means a creative idea and/or developing much needed spiritual disciplines which enable us to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit more clearly. Here are some helpful ideas for you to take your next steps.

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Rivers of Living Water

John 7:37-38

37 On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, "If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.' "

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It may help to read last weeks blog since this is a continuation of that. But we have been talking about the Vineyard Core Value of Experiencing God. And last week we basically said that it is not enough to know about Jesus, but we must know Jesus - that we need to put him first and live out of an experience with him.

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We want to look at the forth core value of the vineyard. We will do this in two parts. The Vineyards value statement on this is:

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The Theology & Practice of the Kingdom of God

We are looking today at the first Vineyard Core Value and perhaps the most important of the five; The Theology & Practice of the Kingdom of God. And, if you remember, we are going to see how when we say to someone the seven words, "Can I pray for you, right now?", how that reflects each one of these values.

Bert Waggoner says this about Vineyard and Kingdom Theology:  

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If we communicate the grace we find in Jesus in terms of a banking analogy, we usually translate his sacrifice differently than he would. It is like having a bank account that is overdrawn because of our own bad spending. We are guilty of it, and stand in contention with the bank. We expect them to charge us overage fees, putting us farther into debt. The fees must be paid, and my account has to be zeroed out. In terms of Jesus, as owner of the bank, we think, "Well, Jesus came, and when my account was overdrawn by $1000 plus some fees adding up to $1200.

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Short Film #1

Worship. Have you ever been in a place and just watched someone else worship with abandon? Detached.. you just sit there and watch; they're enraptured, you're not. They raise their hands, tear up, and seem to be lost in some experience that only seems to elude you? Your both in the same room, you're hearing the same things, and its like they are a teabag in God's hand being dipped into the waters of joy. Meanwhile, you're drying up on the side. There's a story like that in 2 Samuel chapter 6, one of those simple old stories that teach us something.

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